Transport Malta has completed another phase of the geological studies as part of the project for the design of the tunnel between Malta and Gozo.  During the past months, samples of rocks were collected from 9 boreholes in strategic places in Malta, Gozo and the channel between the two islands.  The operatives collected the samples up to 200 metres below the ground.

These samples are being analysed in a specialised laboratory to determine the condition of the rocks, the material below the ground and beneath the sea bed.

The outcome of this analysis will be collated together with the information gathered from the seismic investigations that were carried out earlier, to build a geological model of the area between the islands. This model will be the basis for establishing the conceptual design of the tunnel between the islands. The geological model is expected to be ready in the coming months.

Transport Malta is working closely with the Norwegian Consultants SINTEF, who have extensive experience in tunnelling beneath the seabed. Geotech SPA excavated to collect the samples while the University of Malta, in collaboration with OGS Trieste, conducted the seismic investigations and are developing the geological model.