A Christmas Story

Road Safety Campaign during the Festive Season

Transport Malta is officially launching the Annual Christmas Campaign. Since several enjoy a few alcoholic drinks during the festive season, there is a greater risk of drivers under the influence on our roads. Unfortunately, a number take risks because they believe that they are still fit to drive after drinking alcohol and ignore the consequences. It is unacceptable to drive when consuming alcohol. The consequences can be too grave. Everyone should consider their families, themselves and all around and avoid accidents, especially during this time of the year.

The theme of the campaign is “Se tixrob? Issuqx” (Drinking? Don’t drive). The campaign will focus mostly on radio adverts and social media channels. Transport Malta has prepared three short videos and a radio advert to create awareness on the consequences of driving under the influence.

Today, there are various alternatives to the private car, so much so that one need not choose to drive when planning to drink alcohol. Transport Malta encourages everyone to enjoy themselves responsibly in moderation for various reasons, to choose safe alternatives for transport, among which public transport or a designated driver where one person in a group steers away from alcohol and drives everyone home, in a sort of carpool.

The campaign “Se tixrob? Issuqx” is just one of the initiatives by Transport Malta in favour of more responsible behaviour on the roads and safer roads. In fact, since the past months, the Authority has been delivering an educational campaign in the form of short videos to raise awareness about road regulations and more responsible behaviour, like making way. The Authority continuously focuses on various educational campaigns and initiatives to this end.

As part of the Christmas campaign, officials from Transport Malta will be distributing air fresheners for cars with the main theme, with the aim to remind drivers not to drink alcohol before driving. The Malta Road Safety Council will also continue with the distribution of disposable breathalysers so that drivers can check the level of alcohol before driving.