Low-Cost Alternative Transport on European Mobility Week

During European Mobility Week – 16th and 22nd September –Transport Malta has partnered with several service providers to provide the public with a week of discounted sustainable mobility. 

Offers made available between 16th and 22nd September are as follows:

  • Malta Public Transport will be offering €5 free credits on Tallinja Cards registered during the entire week;
  • First-time registrations to GoTo will be benefitting from 30 minutes of free use when signing up using the MOBILITY30 Promo Code;
  • Free 30 free minutes will be offered on all TallinjaBike trips during Mobility Week;
  • Cool rides will be discounted by €1.00 when using the promo code MOBILITYWEEK19.

Offers made available on Car Free Day, 22nd September:

  • Transport on Demand by Malta Public Transport will be at a total price of €1/trip on 22nd September;
  • Valletta Ferry Services will be offering discounted Adult return tickets (€2.00 instead of €2.80);
  • IoScoot trips will be offered at €0.15c/minute instead of €0.25/minute.

This event is held in conjunction with the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project and European Mobility Week 2019

Malta Social Biking Challenge

The #MaltaSocialBikingChallenge aims to encourage cycling as a sustainable method of transport and award commuters who adopt cycling as a transport practice.

The challenge covers 3 weeks, starting from the 16th September till the 6th of October.  Participants collect points depending on the distances covered by bicycle. These are tracked by the readily available and free BikePrints app.

To be part of the Malta Social Biking Challenge, interested participants must follow these steps:

Download the BikePrints app

Register your participation

Select ‘S-b Malta Challenge’ as location category

Once registered participants can track their progress during each stage.

Start cycling and collecting points

Participants are eligible to participate in every Stage.

The time brackets of each Stage are as follows:

  • Pair Stage (September 16-22)
  • Group Stage (September 23-29)
  • Individual Stage (September 30 – October 6)

Pair stage

Each pair tracks their rides and earns points for the kilometres covered during the week. To form a pair, participants must invite a friend or find another participant who has expressed their interest in forming a pair through the app.

 In this stage participants can earn Pair bonus points as follows:

·       Common route bonus points (1 km = 2 points) – are earned when a participant follows the route of his/her partner (not at the same time)

·       Cycling together bonus points (1km=3points) – are earned when the pair rides together (at the same time)

Group stage

Groups of four, track their rides and earn points for the kilometres covered during the week. To form a group, participants must invite three friends or find three participants from the app who are interested to form a group of four.

In this stage participants can earn Group bonus points as follows:

  • Common route bonus points (1 km = 2 points) are earned when at least two participants of the group follow the same route (not at the same time)
  • Cycling together bonus points (1 km = 3 points) are earned when at least two participants of the group ride together (at the same time).

Individual stage

Each participant tracks his/her rides and earns points for the kilometres covered during the week of the stage (1km= 1point).

Note: When a Stage ends, all participants are automatically transferred to the following stage. However, if for example one is participating in the Pair Stage, participants must take part in pairs in order to earn points. The same principle applies to the other Stages as indicated above.


Thirty (30) prizes are up for grabs and will be awarded to participants randomly. Winners will be awarded €100 vouchers to spend on Cycling Equipment. Ten (10) vouchers are assigned per Stage. Chances of winning are directly proportional to the number of points collected.

Another seven (7) prizes are up for grabs for the winners of each Stage. Winners will be awarded a €1,400 voucher to purchase a pedelec.  Prizes will be assigned as shown below:

  • One (1) pedelec will be awarded to the Individual Stage winner
  • Two (2) Pedelecs will be awarded to the Pair Stage winners
  • Four (4) pedelecs will be awarded to the Group Stage winners

Dates to keep in mind

Dates regarding registration and prize distribution are as shown below:

  • 09th September:  Registration is open.
  • 16th September:  Start of the Malta Social Biking challenge
  • 16th – 22nd September: Pair Stage
  • 23rd– 29th September: Group Stage
  • 30th September – October 6th: Individual Stage
  • 06th October: End of the Malta Social Biking challenge
  • 14th October: Prizes distribution
  • 13th December: Deadline to claim prizes

For further details kindly access the links below:

European Commission Social Biking general rules:

European Mobility week Social biking initiative:


Play store BikePrints app:      


Apple app store BikePrints app:


Public Service Garage Sector Reform – Public Consultation Begins

Today, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg announced the launch of a Public Consultation about a reform in the public service garage sector.

“I often speak about and stress the importance of multimodality, and how important it is to consider all available options to move from one place to another. In these last two years, our country has taken great strides with regard to available transport systems. Today we have a much better public transport service, popular schemes for the purchase of small sustainable vehicles, sharing and carpooling services, and we have just announced that we are also regulating the use and rental of a smaller means of transport, that of the e-kickscooters,” said Minister Ian Borg.

He said that this spirit of positive change is also evident in the way road infrastructure is being implemented, with several facilities for pedestrians and alternative means.

The Hon. Borg said that in the past years we have also seen substantial growth in chauffeur services, while we continued to witness the use of temporary car rental services. He said that the need was therefore felt to update existing legislation to reflect our times.

“I asked Transport Malta to see that this legislation moves with the times so that we can continue regularising this market. We are speaking about a reform that looks at important objectives, that ensures that operators have a level playing field, that prioritises service quality and safety. This is a reform that will also make space for better competition and more accessible service, that will consider the technology available today,” said the Hon. Borg.

He said that the Authority will be welcoming the public’s comments about this reform and looked ahead to a high-quality policy for this sector as well.

“We will continue legislating and we will continue working and striving on. We want to ensure that the market has a clear framework to follow and we believe we are taking a very positive step today. Our objective remains to continue improving the quality of life of the people and thus we will keep on taking decisions towards this aim,” concluded the Minister.

The document and the public consultation space can be accessed here: