Broken Wings

Colonel Mark Said, from Transport Malta’s Civil Aviation Directorate, presented a book, he has just published, to Transport Malta’s Chairman, Mr Joseph Bugeja. The book, Broken Wings compiles information on all documented Aviation related accidents in Malta between the years 1915 and 2015.

From the book cover –

Broken Wings encompasses more than thirty years of research, and charts Malta’ s first aviation century from a different perspective. This book is a comprehensive chronological record of every civilian and military aviation accident and incident with a Malta connection. It is the most detailed work of its type ever published with thousands of entries and is sure to become the standard reference on the subject. Broken Wings is the story of aviation in Malta from the early biplanes to the modern jets, the men and their flying machines, tragedies and mistakes, and on occasions the ones lost or left behind. This book is dedicated to each and every one of them.

Traffic counts in Msida

Crowd Net has taken video footage for traffic counts purposes in Msida on the 3rd and 6th July. Further counts at the same junctions will be taking place next Wednesday 17th July at:

· Junction A – Valley Road j/w slip road from Regional Road
· Junction B – Valley Road j/w slip road to Regional Road
· Junction C – Regional Road j/w slip road to Valley Road
· Junction D – Valley Road j/w slip road to Regional Road

Traffic counts in Mosta

Crowd Net Ltd. would like to inform the public in general that video cameras will be placed at the following locations in Mosta, on Wednesday 10th July and Saturday 13th July, for traffic counting purposes:

Junction A: Roundabout at Triq Valletta j/w Vjal il-Labour

Junction B: Triq Pantar j/w Triq Valletta

Junction C: Triq Pantar / Triq ta’ Torba j/w Triq Durmblat

Junction D: Triq Pantar access to PAMA

Junction E: Triq Valletta access to PAMA

CMA CGM migrates its entire fleet to the Malta Flag

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited Transport Malta offices where he gave an update about the Merchant Ship Register within the same Authority.

He said that this register forms a great part of this Authority, and that the success recently achieved by our country in the maritime industry is the result of several measures adopted in recent years by the Government and Transport Malta, as well as thanks to the quality service given by the flag, the positive reputation it has built and the confidence several investors and operators within the sector have in it.

During this update, Minister Borg announced a substantial increase for the same register. He said that up until recently, company CMA CGM was the owner and operator of a fleet of 38 ships registered under the Malta Flag, with a total gross tonnage of over 3.7 million, but after it recently registered 49 additional ships with a total gross tonnage of over 4.8 million, with ships having an average age of 7 years, today CMA CGM has more than 8.5 million gross tonnes registered under the Malta flag, 11% of the entire fleet registered in Malta.

He also announced that 25% of contracts for cruise liner ships being build are intentioned for registration under the Malta flag.

Minister Borg said that it is good to speak about the great quantity of vessels registered in our country. With more than 82 million gross tonnes in vessels, this means that more than 6% of the global fleet is registered under the Malta flag, while the same flag has more than 780 registered superyachts.

At the same time, said the Minister, it is equally important to speak about the Government’s commitment towards quality in the sector. He explained that the average age of ships registered in Malta from January to June of this year was 9 years – one of the lowest we have ever had.

Minister Borg added that the high-quality service offered in our country’s maritime sector has led to several different successes and said that the remainder of the year looks as though it will continue reflecting this success.

“Today we have achieved an international reputation as a quality register, as a jurisdiction that is always at the forefront when it comes to the development of international standards in maritime security and the protection of the maritime environment. Malta is always a leader when it comes to discussions addressing the problem of ship emissions on every level, as well as towards the ratification of International Conventions protecting the maritime environment, the most recent one being the Ballast Water Management Convention,” said Minister Borg.

He explained that thanks to these commitments, today the Maltese Register is not only the largest one in Europe and sixth in the world but was the only one to make large gains in tonnage, with an increase of almost 7% in the first six months of the year. The Minister said that this positive reputation is leading more and more great operators to express their faith in us and to continue investing and registering with us. He added that today Malta is classified on the official low risk ships list published by the Paris MoU, while also being confirmed on the Paris MoU’s White List.

“It is such results that daily continue to confirm the positive reputation we have achieved, a reputation that has led to confidence by the sector, by the industry, thanks to the quality we are committed to continuing working towards,” concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Malta Maritime Summit 2020 launched – The Voice of the Industry

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg launched the theme for the Malta Maritime Summit, which will be organised in Malta for the third time in October 2020, after two successful editions in 2016 and 2018, a summit which will have the theme ‘The Voice of the Industry’. Last year, more than 300 participants from 21 different countries attended this summit.

“An appropriate theme as ahead of us we have a forum that presents an excellent opportunity to continue discussing opportunities and challenges with the industry. The success we are experiencing today in the maritime sector is thanks to continuous dialogue and collaborative work between the Government and the industry. We are speaking about an industry that contributes 12% of the Gross Domestic Product, which creates 23,000 jobs,” said Minister Ian Borg.

He also reminded those present of the investment which this industry is drawing to our country and which makes space for the creation of several ancillary services and added that this is why it is even more important to continue collaborating and discussing.

“Today Malta has great potential to become a centre of maritime excellence in the Mediterranean. Our Country is blessed with natural ports and a strong maritime tradition, and this together with our work with the industry has resulted in a lot of success. Last year, the Maltese Register registered more than 6% growth and we have more than 82 million gross tonnes under our flag, which is renowned for excellent service. After all we also had great success in the superyachts niche, with 90% growth over five years ago. Government will continue investing in ports, marinas, appropriate high-quality infrastructure, and we will continue working hand in hand with the industry,” concluded Minister Borg while thanking the organisers for working hard together with Transport Malta towards the success of the Malta Maritime Summit.

From his end, organiser Mr John Gauci-Maistre said, “Now a fixture in the international maritime calendar, the Malta maritime week comprises a summit and three conferences once again convening the most influential maritime stakeholders and specialists from all over the world. They will be airing and sharing their views on the most pressing concerns particularly policies, energy, sustainability, finance and yachting demands currently faced by the shipping industry at a time of notable geopolitical shifts and technological advances. Having posited itself as ‘The Voice of the Industry’, the forthcoming debates continue to enhance Malta’s reputation as a key maritime nation.”

Traffic counts in Msida

Crowd Net Ltd. will place video cameras at the following locations in Msida, on Wednesday 3rd July and Saturday 6th July, for traffic counting purposes:

  • Junction A – Valley Road j/w slip road from Regional Road
  • Junction B –  Valley Road j/w slip road to Regional Road
  • Junction C – Regional Road j/w slip road to Valley Road
  • Junction D –  Valley Road j/w slip road to Regional Road

The Malta Road Safety Council meets the President

The Malta Road Safety Council met his Excellency George Vella, the President of Malta. They discussed the council’s work, the state of road safety in Malta and explored different ways on how the Council and the President’s office could cooperate in the future. The President and the Council agreed to meet regularly.
The President augured the Council well and encouraged the council members to keep up their commitment in favour of road safety.