Christmas 2018

Sometimes our driving, or the driving of others brings out the worst in us.  Christmas time, on the other hand is primed to bring out the best.  Transport Malta has launched a campaign, inspired by the Christmas season, with the aim to arouse our best self on the road.

Transport Malta has produced a video, inspired by Charles Dicken’s immortal novel, A Christmas Carol.  Simplistically, the novel tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge an incorrigible miser who receives a visit from three ghosts that show him his real self and the effect he has on those around him, inspiring him to change his ways.

In our story, the miser, the indelible schmuck is Charles, a reckless driver. A ghost pays him a visit in his own car following a stint of delinquent driving, in the hope that he, together with a number of Maltese drivers, whose etiquette on the road is severely lacking, change their ways. 

Transport Malta officials set up a roadblock in Regional Road. They stopped several cars but instead of fines, they handed out mince pies, to remind drivers that in Christmas and hopefully throughout the year, we can all be nicer on the road.

During the Christmas period, everyone is gentler, kinder, more mindful of those around him.  We celebrate together, exchange gifts and greetings. Transport Malta hopes that this spirit of Christmas,  can also descend on our roads.  The aim of the campaign is exactly that, to remind drivers to disseminate the spirit of Christmas on the road.  As we are mindful of others, other family members, friends and even people in need, during this period, we should also be mindful of the other road users.  And as the Christmas period hopefully inspires us to be more mindful for others throughout the rest of the year, with some effort, we can stick to this caring attitude on the road all year as well.

Thus we appeal to each and every driver on the road, every rider, every cyclist and every pedestrian to be mindful, caring and respectful on the road. Let’s make our interactions on the road more pleasant, it is us, after all, who will gain most, a more pleasurable commute, less chances of an accident and we’ll even get there faster.   Season’s Greetings.

Continued progress in aviation training in Malta

Yesterday, Transport Malta has licensed Freebird Airlines Europe as an Approved Training Organisation, the first international company in Malta licenced exclusively for aviation training.  Freebird’s decision to set up shop here confirms and consolidates Malta’s efforts to maintain and expand a comprehensive aviation cluster for the island.  
Freebird will start to provide EASA Approved Type Rating Training in Malta.  For the first time, budding Maltese commercial pilots can receive most of the training required in Malta. Freebird also aims to service the increasing demand for pilot and crew training in the region.  The organisation, in synergy with other local service providers, will focus on rating training for the Airbus A320, the Boeing 737, simulator flight instructor training and Type Rating Instructor training.
Capt. Cengiz Arbac, from the organisation, stated that “with the professional and constructive cooperation of Transport Malta we would like to extend our contribution to the aviation and the training industry in Europe and other regions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate and look forward to expanding our training services.”

Captain Charles Pace – Director General for Civil Aviation – Malta, Rachel Grech, Head of Personnel Licensing, TM, Haci Say Accountable Manager, Freebird Europe,  Capt. A. C. Arbac
General Manager, Freebird Europe, Andrew Costa, Compliance Monitoring & Safety Manager, TM

Freebird Airlines Europe is part of Gözen Holding, a group of companies which are very active in the Aviation industry with airlines and branches catering for representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage, security and training. The group has been established for the past 38 years and its 6 companies employ more than 2,000 employees.
Freebird Airlines is an international charter airline established in 2000 and serves Europe and nearby regions with a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft. In 2006, it has become the first Turkish charter airline company, to obtain IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) approval.
The International Flight Training Centre Istanbul (IFTC) also forms part of this group, with five full-flight simulators for the A320 and B737-NG aircraft and quality training facilities and services in both Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey.