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This year’s theme for Science in the City is SCIENCE IS CULTURE. This means that Transport Malta will be where it belongs because Transport is Science and Transport is Culture. Transport is Science because the vast majority of jobs/CAREERS in transport starts with science subjects. We will be at Science in the City to continue our campaign in informing the general public of these opportunities and assist the younger generations in identifying their career paths. People need to identify themselves with something tangible and through the launch of #innovatemobility we are trying to instigate a discussion on social networks about transport in the future and the prospects people see in transport.

Transport is also culture because it impacts people’s lives not only from the jobs’ perspective but also from the commuting side and the various commuting methods. The objective is to gauge values that people attach to jobs in transport, to greener transport, to safer transport, to the use of technology in reducing travelling time and so on.

So we are trying to generate interest in the general public to come and visit us at our Stand in the Science in the City where they can participate in our awareness/information campaign and debate in the social  media and take a photo that can be tagged and uploaded on social media.

Transport Malta shuts down a VRT Station

Transport Malta has revoked the operating licence of a VRT Station, revoked the licence of its tester and issued an administrative fine of €11,000 for serious breaches.  Last month, this station issued thirteen pass certificates without carrying out a test, issued six pass certificates for failed tests and issued another five pass certificates for incomplete tests.  

Following a report last month, Transport Malta initiated an extensive investigation into the operation of this particular VRT station and uncovered a list of serious misgivings.  The breaches amounted to a series of penalty points and hence the €11,000 fine.  The breaches were serious enough for TM to shut down the station immediately and revoke its tester’s licence.  The tester can no longer work in any VRT station and the station has been disconnected from the system.  The operator of the station has the right to appeal before the Administrative Review Tribunal, however the station will remain shut down unless the tribunal decides otherwise.  The vehicles which were found to have obtained illegitimate pass certificates will be asked to re-do the VRT test.

Transport Malta implements a quality assurance mechanism on VRT Station Operators and Testers to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements. Data collected from the performance of individual VRT Stations is analysed on a regular basis and used to identify those VRT stations that pose a risk of non-compliance. The risk rating attributed to each VRT Station determines the frequency and level of oversight exercised by the Authority on each Station. Surveillance on all VRT Stations is carried out on an ongoing basis and includes covert and random spot-check inspections, full day inspections and also randomly calling in and re-inspecting certain vehicles that would have just passed a VRT test.

On a yearly basis, the Technical Unit within Transport Malta carries out around 300 full-day and spot-check inspections at VRT Stations and retests more than 1,200 vehicles that would have just undergone a VRT test.  These quality assurance measures are beyond other road-side technical inspections and the SMS Alert Scheme that are carried out on a regular basis by the Authority’s Enforcement arm.

In recent years, Transport Malta has revoked six operator licences and another 5 tester licences

European Mobility Week 2018

Activities to mark the European Mobility Week 2018

The Malta National Electromobility Platform within Transport Malta is organising a number of initiatives and activities to mark the European Mobility Week which is held between the 16th and the 22nd September. The theme for this year’s edition is “Multimodality – Mix and Move”. The theme encourages us to explore the many different options of transport and to think about the mode that best suits our particular journey.

National Bicycle Ride on 21 September

The fifth edition of the National Bicycle Ride will be organised on the 21st of September, Independence Day. Registration for this activity is free of charge and will open on the same day at 08:00hrs at the parking area in front of the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. The Ride will start from this point at 08:30hrs and will finish at about 11:30hrs at the same place. The riders will be accompanied by a number of electric vehicles provided by Transport Malta. Participants will be given a free t-shirt. Participants will have the opportunity to win a lottery giving them a financial grant to purchase an electric bicycle and cycling equipment.

National Car Free Day on 22 September

The National Car Free Day will be held on Saturday 22nd September in Tas-Sliema and Gżira. On the day, between 10:00hrs and 16:00hrs, cars will make way for pedestrians. No access to cars will be allowed along The Strand, direction to Tas-Sliema whilst traffic will proceed in two way traffic on the other two lanes direction to Valletta. All roads leading to the Strand will be closed to traffic except for emergency vehicles. Traffic towards Rue D’Argens will not be affected. Parking will be allowed at Manoel Island free of charge. Park & Ride service will be provided free of charge from/to Floriana and Gżira between 09:30hrs and 16:30hrs. Valletta – Sliema ferry service will operate at a special rate.

More details here

The following Local Councils are organising various activities. Full details are available from the respective organisers:

Ħad-Dingli Local Council
Għard Gozo Local Council
Imqabba Local Council
Ħaż-Żebbuġ Local Council
Ħal-Safi Local Council
St. Paul’s Bay Local Council

A week for sustainable transport

Activities to promote sustainable transport are held every day throughout the week with the peak being the 22nd where Europe joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Car Free Day. On the day, people all over the world are encouraged, for just one day, to make use of alternative means of transport to get to their destinations. 

The Bicycle Ride

For the fifth consecutive year, Transport Malta is organizing the National Bicycle Ride on 21st September, Independence Day. Registration for the event opens at 08:00hrs at Belt is-Sebħ Floriana. Participation is free of charge.
The aim of this event is to raise awareness that road users can share the road with cyclists. Every cyclist on the road is one less car in the traffic jam.
This initiative is part of European Mobility Week, a campaign launched annually by the European Commission to promote sustainable mobility at locality level. Each year, the campaign is held between the 16th and 22nd September.

The Strand Alive

The focus of the event will take place at the Strand Sliema. On the day, the Strand direction to Sliema will be closed to traffic between 10:00hrs to 16:00hrs. Visitors can either take the Sliema – Valletta ferry service which will operate on subsidized rates or opt for the park and ride free of charge service from Floriana to Gżira.

Other events will be held throughout the entire week including in Mqabba, Ħad-Dingli, Għarb, Ħal Safi and Ħaż-Żebbug Malta.
These measures are also being supported by the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, a project being funded by Horizon 2020. The project shall pilot innovative measures which aim to reduce the negative impact of the influx of tourism on the transport infrastructure at small island destinations. The main deliverable of this project is the compilation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Inner and Outer Harbour Region of Malta while several actions shall be piloted in parallel. These include the deployment of Smart Parking in Valletta, the promotion of shared transport, the introduction of Green Mobility Awards for the hotel sector and the implementation of grants for Local Councils to implement permanent measures relevant to sustainable transport.

Restricted area at Xrobb l-Għagin

Swimming in part of Xorb l-Għaġin Bay, in the area known as il-Ħofriet in Delimara is prohibited.  Boats and other vessels must also keep away from this zone.  
In the past days, a number of rocks collapsed from the Ħofriet Window and there is the danger of this reoccurring.  The Authority has issued a Notice to Mariners to declare this area a restricted one.  Transport Malta calls on the public to avoid the coastline around the Window.

L-Għanja tal-Poplu

Transport Malta teamed up with the Festival l-Għanja tal-Poplu to promote greener means of Transport. 

The opening sequence of the Festival showed Owen, one of the presenters pick up Kim, the other presenter, from her home, in a classic red Ford Mustang.  Kim, however, was unimpressed and opted to go to the Festival in a totally electric quadricycle. 

Owen was of course very disappointed and believing in the raw power of his vehicle made a challenge to the singers, who were all on their way to the festival.  On a common group chat, he quipped that whoever comes last would pay for a pizza.

All other singers stayed away from the traditional car, using greener means of transport, ranging from an electric car to an electric scooter to bikes and good old walking.  They used the ferry service, the Barrakka lift and the various internal transport services Valletta provides.

Owen, in his mustang, got stuck behind a rookie driver and had serious trouble finding a  parking spot.  He ended up arriving late, having to pay for the pizza and a contravention.

Transport Malta would like to thank the singers, presenters and organisers of the Festival l-Għanja tal-Poplu for their commitment to promote greener means of Transport.