New crash barriers in the slip road leading to Kappara

Tomorrow, the Kappara Project Contractor will remove the existing crash barriers from the slip road that leads from the skate park towards Kappara, and will install new ones, as part of the project, which has reached its final phases.  The new barriers will help enhance road safety in this area used by thousands every day.

The slip road will be closed to traffic from 07:00 tomorrow morning.

Whilst apologising for any inconvenience, we urge drivers to use alternative routes, follow temporary traffic signs and drive carefully.


Asphalting works on Triq il-Kanun Santa Venera continue


Asphalting works continue in Triq il-Kanun Santa Venera from tonight

Transport Malta will continue asphalting Triq il-Kanun Santa Venera, tonight and tomorrow night between 20:00hrs and 05:00hrs.

Works will be carried out from the roundabout in Triq il-Mitħna direction to Bank of Valletta in Triq il-Kanun. During works, the road will be completely closed to traffic including for public transport. Other parts of the road will be closed according to work exigencies.

Whilst we apologise for the inconvenience, we kindly ask drivers to seek alternative routes, follow temporary traffic signs and drive carefully.


Resurfacing works in Triq San Nikola Bormla

asphaltingTransport Malta will be resurfacing Triq San Nikola Bormla between tomorrow Monday 13th to Friday 17th November.

Works will be carried out at night from 19:00hrs onwards. During works, the road will be completely closed to traffic.

Drivers are advised to seek alternative routes and to follow instructions by officials on site.

Rebuilding Triq Santa Luċija in Valletta


Works on new water services and road maintenance in Triq Santa Luċija Valletta

Transport Malta will start road maintenance work in Triq Santa Luċija Valletta tomorrow, Monday 13th  November at 09:00hrs.  In the meantime, the Water Services Corporation will be working on a new water main distribution to replace the existing one.  This process will take some weeks until all related services are connected in the area.  Transport Malta will resume works including asphalting works as soon as these services are finalised. 

Triq Santa Luċija will be closed to traffic as from Monday morning for some weeks. 

We urge drivers to use alternative routes and follow instructions by officials on site.

Animals on the road

Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme extended again


Second Extension – Grant Schemes on electric Environment-Friendly Vehicles

Government Extends for a second time the Grant Scheme on the Purchase of Electric Vehicles to promote Electromobility for Individuals, Local Councils, Registered NGOs and Private Companies

Transport Malta in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, is for the second time extending the grant scheme on environment-friendly vehicles with another €150,000. A total of €450,000 will be granted. The scheme aims at reducing emissions generated from road traffic and thus improving the air quality levels by reducing the number of old motor vehicles from our roads, by promoting the purchase of Battery Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Quadricycles.

Between January and October 2017, all the applications submitted for the grant were accommodated to the extent that 54 additional electric vehicles were registered in Maltese Roads.

The grant is applicable to Private Car Owners, Registered NGOs, Business Community and also to the Local Councils.

The scheme, subject to various conditions is as follows:

  1. For private individuals the grant will amount to:
  1. €5,000 when registering a new or used electric Category M1 or N1 vehicle without scrapping an older vehicle;
  2. €8,000 when registering a new electric Category M1 or N1 vehicle and de-registering another Category M1 or N1 vehicle which is at least 10 years old from year of manufacture;
  3. €2,000 when registering a new or used electric quadricycle.

For used electric vehicles, the grant is only applicable for Battery Electric Vehicles of not more than 24 months old from date of first registration and not more than 12,000 km on the odometer.

Applications will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Companies which have already benefited from the last scheme with respect to electric vehicles are eligible to benefit again from this scheme as long as they are in line with state aid regulations.

Application forms for such schemes can be collected from the Vehicle Licensing Unit within Transport Malta, A3 Towers, Raħal Ġdid or from

Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition: the winners


Malta European Mobility Actions: Transport Malta announces winners of the 2017 Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition

The Local Councils of San Lawrenz and Ħad-Dingli are the 2017 winners of the Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition which is launched annually by Transport Malta as part of European Mobility Week.

The objective of this award is to encourage Local Councils to come up with, and ultimately implement, innovative schemes and measures that address sustainable transportation within their localities. Proposed Measures are adjudicated against pre-set criteria ranging from the environmental, planning and transport perspective.

As part of this year’s competition, San Lawrenz local council has been awarded the first prize for the proposal; ‘Green Mobility at San Lawrenz’. The measure to be implemented throughout 2018 using the €50,000 made available as a result of this grant, shall introduce shared electric mobility in the locality of San Lawrenz. Vehicles to be deployed include one electric vehicle to be used to transport the elderly and mobility impaired citizens and four electric bicycles to be deployed primarily for the use of tourists and visitors who frequent the locality and the heritage and natural trails surrounding the village. Although the electric bicycles are aimed at tourists visiting the locality, this service shall also be available for use by locals.

The electric vehicle and bicycles shall be charged at a location close to the local council thus utilising the photovoltaic investment the local council had already carried out at the premises.

In parallel with the physical deployment, the San Lawrenz Council shall also be launching an awareness-raising campaign to promote sustainable and electric mobility in the village as well as engage stakeholders in the discussion as part of the first steps to compile a sustainable urban mobility plan for the locality.

Ħad-Dingli Sustainable Transport Measures has won second place in the 2017 Competition thus entitling the Ħad-Dingli Local Council to €30,000 to implement a public bicycle renting facility within the Locality. This project accompanies a more extensive investment which will see the restructuring, lighting and refurbishment of the Misraħ il-Mafkar area, including plantation of trees and plants, fixing of pavements and enlarging facilities to Accessibility-for-all standards.

San Lawrenz and Ħad-Dingli now join the Local Councils of Valletta, St Paul’s Bay, Ħal Qormi, Bormla and Għajnsielem who have also benefitted from these funds in previous years.

In a bid to continue the promotion of sustainable mobility planning at local level, in 2018, Transport Malta shall be launching a series of workshops directed at Local Councils in order to assist them in the compilation of strategic plans in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility at locality level. These workshops will be organised with the support of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, a project aimed at addressing the problem of high seasonal tourist mobility demand in smaller touristic destinations. Apart from the assistance to be given to Local Councils, the Project shall implement a set of mutually reinforcing, innovative mobility solutions in the Northern and Southern Harbour districts of Malta.

The Project is funded under the Horizon 2020 CIVITAS Funding Programme and shall run between 2016 and 2020.

Transport Malta and General Workers Union sign two new Collective Agreements

Transport Malta and the General Workers Union this morning signed two new Collective Agreements. Both agreements, for Vessel Traffic Services and Flag & Port State Inspectors, cover the period 2016 – 2020.

Vessel Traffic Services Collective Agreement covers the conditions of work of both VTS supervisors and VTS officers. This agreement builds upon the previous one. It improves the salary conditions and introduces a new entry grade for VTS trainee, enabling them to benefit from specific training programs.

The new collective agreement consolidates further the strong commitment that Transport Malta has to nurture and develop the right skills and to continue attracting employees that would like to pursue a career at the VTS within the Ports and Yachting Directorate.

Flag & Port State Inspectors Collective Agreement is the first collective agreement to cover the Technical Unit on its own. The main objective of this agreement is to attract further the main resources required at the Inspectorate Unit and also to improve the salary conditions. The new collective agreement introduces a new junior grade, Junior Flag & Port State Inspector. This new agreement provides an opportunity for the employees who would like to further their career in Flag & Port State Inspectorate within the Merchant Shipping Directorate.