Kappara September Update

This is what we have been up to, till september.\"The
The video starts with the demolition of The Cottage. The latter was a restaurant that had become a landmark for the area. The restaurant had to make way for the new Kappara design. The land it occupied will be used to widen the existing road and for a slip way.


The contractor raised most of the retaining walls on the National Pool side. A local factory manufactures the pre-cast walls. Trailers take the walls on site and a crane lowers them into their final position.


Works have progressed mostly in the area close to the bridge of Wied Għollieqa. The retaining walls have reached the existing street level and the contractor is filling the gap in between with material to form the slipway and the new road.


The contractor built a series of service ducts throughout. The ducts will house electricity cables and other services. Personnel will be able to access the service ducts without digging up the road.

Respect on the road


Roundabout etiquette

Always slow down when approaching a roundabout and check for oncoming vehicles. Stick to your lane and always check mirrors before indicating your direction. Traffic in roundabouts always has the right-of-way, while entering vehicles yield. Take special care of motorcyclists or cycles ahead or at the side. Give way to traffic on your right unless road signs indicate otherwise but keep moving if the way if cleared. Plan ahead and know which exits you must take before approaching the roundabout to avoid obstructing traffic. Allow for long vehicles which may have to take a different course, both on the approach to and in the roundabout. Look out for vehicles crossing and show consideration to other vehicles passing in front of you especially those intending to leave by the next exit.



Signal alert other road users, including pedestrians, of your intended actions. You should give clear signals plenty of time in advance, after establishing that it is not misleading to do so.  Signal before changing direction, stopping or moving off. It is important to check whether they are switched off after use. Do not signal too early as you may risk confusing other drivers of your desired actions.



Do not park or let your vehicle standby where parking is prohibited. Allow space for large vehicles to be able to pass by. Do not park partially or wholly on a pavement unless there are signs that permit it. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and inconvenience pedestrians, people with prams, wheelchairs and the visually impaired. Park only in the correct boxes indicated never in the yellow lines or in parking reserved for blue badge holders or residents. When parking, check your surroundings and indicate beforehand, to show other drivers your desired manoeuvres.



Horns give notice of your presence or approach but do not give you any special rights. Honk only in cases of emergency, please respect the silence in the roads. Do not use your horn as a symbol of aggression as it defeats the purpose.

Seat Belt Safety

Seat belt use is the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes.It helps to keep you safe and secure inside your vehicle. Seat belts are also the best defence against impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers. It is essential to always buckle up in the front and rear seats of any vehicle. 

Line markings in Pembroke


Line markings in Pembroke

Transport Malta will be painting line markings in Triq Sant’Andrija this evening between 19:30hrs and 01:00hrs.

During works, part of the road will be closed to traffic.

Drivers are advised to drive carefully, seek alternative routes and follow instructions by officials on site.

Maintenance work in Triq il-Marsa


Maintenance work in Triq il-Marsa

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq il-Marsa in Marsa between today and Friday 14th October 2016. Works will be carried out between 20:00hrs and 05:00hrs.

Road will remain open to traffic during the day but closed to traffic during works.

Drivers are advised to drive carefully, seek alternative routes and follow instructions by officials on site.

Eyes on the road

Transport Malta aired a new PSA, as part of the ‘Respect on the road’ campaign, yesterday evening.  The campaign, launched last month, has various phases and will continue over the coming weeks.  The campaign messages are being aired on TV, social media and played on radio stations.  Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council embarked on an educational campaign to raise awareness on road safety.  The campaign is expanding on other issues along the coming weeks with the aim to raise the level of our driving and make roads safer.

In this context, Transport Malta welcomes the launch of the public consultation on the penalty point system for all drivers.  This is a step forward to improve road safety.

The latest PSA tells the second story from the series ‘eyes on the road’ which raises awareness on the consequences of distracted driving. 

The PSA tells the story of a mother who runs over a cyclist. She was communicating with her husband while driving on her way to her daughter’s party. 

Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council remind drivers of the consequences of distracted driving and asks them to keep their eyes on the road.

More on the campaign here.

Triq il-Palma in Tarxien


Maintenance work in Triq il-Palma and Palma junction Ħal Tarxien

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq il-Palma and Palma junction Ħal Tarxien

between tonight at 20:00hrs and tomorrow morning at 06:00hrs. 

During works, this part of the road will be closed to traffic. Drivers are advised to drive carefully, seek alternative routes and follow instructions by officials on site.

Students travel cheaper by bus


Students travel cheaper by bus

Students can travel by bus, wherever they want, with €55 every three months.  Malta Public Transport announced the scheme following talks with Transport Malta.  This, as tomorrow a large number of students return to their studies.  

The students are saving more, on an already reduced price, with this scheme.  The expense, of less than €19 each month, is minimal compared to the expenses of running a car.  Public transport helps students employ their time better while travelling and eliminates parking problems that several students face in a number of institutions.