Resurfacing in Attard


Road works in Triq Ħaż-Żebbuġ Ħ’Attard

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq Ħaż-Żebbuġ Ħ’Attard, between tonight and Friday 4th November 2016 between 20:00hrs and 05:00hrs.

During works, road will be closed to traffic including public transport.   Route 109 known as route Baħrija – Siġġiewi Bajjada, will proceed from Triq L-Imdina Haż-Żebbuġ instead of Triq L-Imdina  Ħ’Attard.

Drivers are encouraged to seek alternative routes and instructions by the officials on site.

Resurfacing in Attard


Road works in Triq il-Belt Valletta Ħ’Attard

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq il-Belt Valletta Ħ’Attard, direction to Valletta, tonight between 20:00hrs and 05:00hrs.

During works, traffic including public transport will be diverted onto Triq in-Nutar Zarb  onto Triq Karm Debono onto Triq Birkirkara and onto Vjal de Paule.

Drivers are encouraged to follow the diversion routes and instructions by the officials on site.

Transport Malta Seismic investigation for Malta – Gozo tunnel


The University of Malta has this morning started the first of a series of seismic investigations, commissioned by Transport Malta, in the channels between Malta and Gozo. The investigations are part of the studies commissioned to eventually determine the feasibility of a tunnel between Malta and Gozo. The investigations will help establish a geological model of the area that will guide the conceptual design of the proposed tunnel between the islands.

The vessel Midas Express is navigating back and forth, in the area indicated, towing a 300m long streamer behind it.  Air compressors on board will release compressed air that will bounce off the seabed.  Receptors along the streamer will register the change in pressure while instrumentation will record the data on board.  Italian experts and University of Malta researchers will be monitoring the data as it is collected.  


Transport Malta issued a Notice to Mariners asking the latter to navigate with caution within the area, give wide berth and observe a 1 kilometre restricted zone around the vessel.  The Midas Express’ ability to

manoeuvre will be restricted. These seismic investigations are expected to be completed by the end of next week when the detailed planning will start on the next set of investigations.



The Midas Express is also in continual contact with the Gozo Channel ferries to avoid any disturbance to their service.


Resurfacing Triq Diċembru 13


Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in part of Triq Diċembru 13 direction to Valletta between today and Friday 21st October between 20:00 and 05:00

During works, this part of the road will be closed to traffic. Public transport will be diverted  onto Triq Diċembru 13 to the slipway leading to Marsa/Hamrun bypass, onto the slipway leading to Triq Ħal Qormi towards Ħamrun, onto Triq il-Kbira and will follow the normal route from Triq Nazzjonali towards Valletta.

Drivers are advised to drive carefully and to follow instructions by officials on site.

Beware of Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Transport Malta has issued an information notice to Shipowners, operators, masters to warn about the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.  Such a fire could be of particular concern if it occurs on boar a ship.

The Authority recommends:

  • Informing all persons about the use and carriage of such devices when booking a passage or a cruise.
  • Turning off the phone.
  • Disconnecting the device from charging.
  • Stopping all applications that could activate the phone.
  • Keeping the device at close proximity.
  • Placing warning signs in the garage decks, accommodation areas and on the relevant websites.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not sold in Malta.

Link for official Notice

Dock 7 open on weekdays

The Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, through Transport Malta, reached an agreement with the Mediterranean Maritime Hub, the firm that will develop a maritime centre in Dock 7 to allow temporary access in a bid to ease traffic leaving Cottonera towards Valletta.

The temporary road is open on weekdays between 06:00 and 09:30.

In the meantime Transport Malta started preparatory works to develop an independent road through the former Ship Building.  The road will function as another tidal lane connecting Paola hill and Albert Town.

Malta – Gozo tunnel


Transport Malta and University of Malta to work together on Sub-Sea Tunnel Project

Transport Malta has signed an agreement with the University of Malta for the latter to conduct geological and geophysical investigations in conjunction with the sub-sea tunnel between Malta and Gozo. The scientific investigations will include both desktop and field studies, passive seismic measurements, bathymetric mapping, and a seismic study. 

The final results of these investigations will also incorporate the results from the recently published Investigative Coring tender. These results will in turn generate a Terrestrial Baseline study which will include geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological maps. It will also include a digital elevation model, cross-sectional profiles and hydrological models. The University of Malta will conduct a Marine Baseline study which will include a geological model of topography, stratigraphy, structure, geological, geophysical and tectonic properties of the study area.

Rector Prof Alfred Vella underlined the importance that the University uses its wide range of expertise to produce studies that can done be implemented for the benefit of society at large. The agreement attests to the strategy that the University plays a key role in projects of national importance such as the sub-sea tunnel between Malta and Gozo

Transport Malta’ Chairman, James Piscopo said that \’Transport Malta is very pleased to have the University of Malta on board for this exciting project. We look forward to collaborating together in enhancing and expanding our knowledge, whilst gaining unprecedented information that will critically help us in delivering a project that will be of social and economic benefit not only for Gozo but our Country as a whole\”

Apart from contributing extensively towards the studies on the feasibility of a Malta Gozo Tunnel, Transport Malta and the University of Malta are also confident that the collaboration will provide a broad range of knowledge and technology transfer opportunities for the two entities.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on National Transport Master Plan up for consultation.

Positive Feedback on Transport Master Plan 2025

Transport Malta launched a Public Consultation for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the National Transport Master Plan 2025 and the National Transport Strategy 2050.  The SEA follows a period of public consultation on the National Transport Master Plan and Strategy where over 60 entities and individuals submitted close to 600 comments.

Various entities, including Government Ministries, the University of Malta, the GRTU, Chamber of Commerce, Kamra tal-Periti, NGO\’s and various others supported the document and measures suggested. They contributed constructively throughout the consultation process.   A number of suggestions were taken on board and included in the document. Transport Malta published all feedback on its website

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) protects the environment and promotes sustainable development by including environmental considerations in government and public authority plans and programmes.  The Environmental Report is open for consultation until Friday 9 November 2016.  The documents can be downloaded from the website, or can be viewed in hard copy at the Transport Malta offices at Sa Maison Road, Floriana, by prior appointment calling on 21663069.

The Transport Master Plan 2025 presents a robust strategy to improve roads, build new ones and give incentives for people to use public transport. It also sets out to prioritise transport infrastructure investment, focussing on the removal of the most critical traffic bottlenecks on Malta’s strategic TEN-T network (road, maritime ports and airport), where national, EU and private funding could be most effectively targeted over the next 10 years. A significant portion of the Transport Master Plan, 2025 tackles sustainable mobility, for which a comprehensive list of measures has been identified that aim to encourage greater use of alternative, more sustainable modes of transport (buses, cycling and walking) instead of the private car.

JASPERS and Ineco-Systematica Consortium are supporting Transport Malta to develop the Strategy and Master Plan.  JASPERS provides support for government projects with the aim is to improve the quality of investment supported by EU Funds.  Ineco are global leaders in infrastructure engineering and Systematica are global experts in planning and designing transport systems.

Car Sharing in Malta


Call for the introduction of Car-Sharing Services in Malta

 Transport Malta has published a Request for Proposals (RFP) Concession Contract for the Operation of a National Car-Sharing Programme for the Maltese Islands. Through this call, interested parties can submit their proposals to provide a fleet of vehicles to operate a car-sharing service in Malta and Gozo particularly in strategic locations. Through a web-based application, users can pre-book a vehicle to carry out a trip between  designated public car parking spaces. Half of the minimum suggested fleet has to be composed of electric vehicles.

 Car sharing is encouraged to be used in conjunction with other modes of transport in a given day such as the use of Bus Public Transport or Ferry public transport.


The service offers advantages to users of the service as well as to the environment and the economy. Exclusive car parking and car sharing contribute to the improvement of air quality in urban centres and improved energy efficiency of fuels. Driving less for car parking space means less fuel spent and burnt, hence less carbon based emissions as well. It will also contribute to less traffic congestion because its goal is to have less privately owned vehicles on the road. It is a fact that between 90 and 95% of the lifetime of a privately owned vehicle stays parked and idle, thus implying that the investment in it together with high operational costs are far more than actual paying for the use of a car only  when one really needs to.


Transport Malta will be carrying out an educational campaign to explain the service to the general public.