Asphalting Santa Venera Junction


Asphalting works in Santa Venera

Transport Malta  will carry out maintenance and asphalting works at the junction of Triq il-Ferrovija Santa Venera and Triq il-Kappillan Mifsud Hamrun. The junction will be closed to traffic between today and Thursday 1st September between 21:00hrs and 05:00hrs.

Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes, drive carefully and follow instructions by officials on site.

Boats: stay away from Azure Window


Azure Window in Gozo

Transport Malta issued a Notice to Mariners to ban boats from getting close to the Azure Window in Gozo.  The Authority issued the notice following recent reports that parts of the structure are crumbling. 

Transport Malta asks boat drivers to heed the notice for their safety and the safety of persons or passengers on board.

World’s largest platform decommissioning vessel flies the Maltese Flag


The motor vessel Pioneering Spirit completed its first heavy lift 100 kilometres off the coast of Norway on Monday.  The Maltese-flagged vessel removed a Repsol oil platform which has been unmanned since 2012. This is the first time that a vessel lifted a platform of this size out of water. Before Pioneering Spirit, workers had to dismantle the platform, module by module. 


Pioneering Spirit is one of the World’s biggest ships at 382 metres of length and 124 metres’ width.  It is a little shy of the length of four football fields and can lift an impressive 48,000 tonnes; the weight of approximately 32,000 cars.  The Pioneering Spirit has 6 special purpose cranes, space for 27,000 tonnes of pipes and a massive helipad on its deck.  It can work in any water depth, in polar regions and hostile seas.  


The vessel is very well posed for a break in the market for scrapping ageing North Sea equipment.  Numerous oil platforms in the North Sea are set to be decommissioned over the next ten years.  The vessel was built for single-lift-installation and removal of large offshore, oil and gas platforms.  With its double hull, it can straddle a platform and lift the top part with eight sets of lifting beams.

Better professional drivers on our roads


Driver Certificate of Professional Competence 

The Driver CPC will become obligatory on the 10th of September 2016. By law, as from this date, only persons holding this qualification may drive goods carrying vehicles against payment. The aim is to strengthen the skills of professional drivers and to improve safety on our roads.

Drivers of Goods Carrying Vehicles who did not yet obtain the Driver CPC qualification need to apply for the course by not later than the 10th of September 2016.

List of Approved Training Providers is available on

Further information may be obtained on Transport Malta freephone 80072393 or by email to

Resurfacing parts of Triq Diċembru 13


Maintenance work in Triq Diċembru 13

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq Diċembru 13 today and tomorrow, between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs.

Tonight and tomorrow, during works, traffic from Marsa to Valletta will be diverted through the underpass tunnel in Triq Dicembru 13.

Tomorrow, during works, traffic from Valletta will be diverted either through Ħamrun towards the traffic lights in Blata l-Bajda or through Spencer Hill, according to work exigency.  Public transport will not be affected.

Drivers are advised to drive carefully and to follow instructions by officials on site.

Works in Triq Għajn Tuffieħa


Works in Triq Għajn Tuffieħa

Following works on the storm water system, workers will use a crane once more to pick up the machinery.  For safety reasons, Triq Għajn Tuffieħa in Mġarr will be closed between 03:00 and 05:00 tonight.

Kindly seek alternative routes.

Line Marking in Regional Road

Kappara: Painting of line markings in Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli

Kappara Contractor will be painting line markings in Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli tonight.  Regional Road direction to Msida will be closed to traffic between 22:30hrs and 23:00hrs. During this time, traffic will be diverted onto Triq Reggie Miller. Vehicles going through the other direction can proceed unhindered.

We remind drivers that there is no access from Kappara towards Gżira, however most of Sliema Road remains accessible through Rue D’Argens.  The bus lanes in Sliema and Gżira are temporarily suspended to help ease traffic exiting from Sliema area. 

To help ease the flow, the traffic lights on the same road are set to Flashing Amber which means proceed with caution. We urge drivers to be extremely careful, respect pedestrians crossing the road and remind that in such cases, the normal pedestrian crossing rules prevail.


European Mobility Week student sessions


European Mobility Week 2016 – Skola Sajf Sessions

What is the main cause of pollution? What problems are we facing because of pollution and how can these be reduced? How is pollution affecting our daily living and is it having a financial burden on our economy, even at family level? What alternatives do we have to conventional transport modes?

These questions along with other related issues were raised and discussed by the Malta National Electromobility Platform (MNEP) Unit within Transport Malta with around 1,500 children aged between 7 and 12 years, who are attending the Skola Sajf Program coordinated by the Foundation for Educational Services. Four sessions where held during the month of July and included one session in Gozo. This activity was held as part of this year’s annual programme for European Mobility Week 2016 and European Mobility Actions.

The talks started off with an introduction to the subject, discussing the effects of both air and noise pollution, the greenhouse effect and respiratory complications which are consequences of pollution. In order to reduce traffic jams and emissions, several suggestions were put forward by the children themselves. Some of these included car pooling, car sharing and cleaner transport modes.  Other modes of transport were also suggested. These included public transport, the use of ferries, walking, cycling, electric vehicles, travelling in a car with 3 people or more, making use of the priority lanes when using such modes of transport, as well as the safe use of bicycle lanes.

Electric vehicles were one of the main focuses of these talks, so much so that an electric car was on display. To give children something to look forward to, they were given the opportunity to take photographs with one of the electric vehicles owned by Transport Malta, during a short break. A number of benefits of electric vehicles were highlighted such as the fact that they do not produce any noise or emissions, cost less to run and can easily be charged at home.

When branching out into the subject of safety on the streets, emphasis was made on the importance of the proper use of the street, especially the use of pelican crossing and zebra crossing, by giving several tips and examples. A lot of importance was given to the ‘STOP-LOOK-LISTEN’ rule as well as making sure that cars have completely stopped before crossing the road. With regards to cycling, a number of benefits and other relevant tips were mentioned. Safety tips like the importance of having proper clothing and equipment as well as regular servicing of the bicycle were heavily stressed.

To make the sessions more entertaining for the children, on the right reply to certain key questions, a t-shirt promoting the European Mobility Week as well as the Malta National Bicycle Ride was presented.

Works on stormwater system completed


Works on stormwater system in Mġarr

The works announced yesterday on the stormwater system have been completed.  Workers will use a crane once more to pick up the machinery.  Hence, for safety reasons, Triq Għajn Tuffieħa in Mġarr will be closed once again between 02:00 and 04:00 tonight. Kindly seek alternative routes.

Works on stormwater system in Mġarr


Workers will be lowering machinery with a crane in Mġarr tonight.  The machinery will be used for works on the storm water system.  Between 02:00 and 04:00, Triq Għajn Tuffieħa in Mġarr will be closed to traffic for safety reasons.  Kindly seek alternative routes.