Kappara Project: Demolition of building


Kappara Project contractor will be demolishing a building in Triq il-Madonna tal-Ġebla, Gżira on Monday between 09:30 and 13:00.  The building will make way for the widening of the road leading towards Kappara Junction.  The demolition will be contained within the site of the building however the adjacent road will be closed as a precautionary safety measure.


Vehicles from Triq tas-Sliema will be diverted onto Triq D’Argens, while traffic from San Albert will go through Triq tas-Sliema.

No parking will be allowed in Triq il-Madonna tal-Ġebla, between Triq tas-Sliema and Triq Sant Albert.  Residents and services will be allowed access.

 Kindly respect temporary signs and follow directions of officials on site.  We apologise for any inconvenience.


Barrakka Lift closed for a few hours


The Barrakka lift will be closed tomorrow, Saturday 30th April from 16:00hrs onwards.  The lift will re-open on Sunday at 06:30hrs.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Road markings in Saint Julian\’s


Road works related to the Kappara Project

Following asphalting works in Triq Birkirkara up to San Ġwann junction, works on road markings will be carried out tonight between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs.

During works, the road will be closed to traffic.  Vehicles proceeding from Triq l-Imrabat to San Ġwann will be diverted onto Triq is-Sorijiet, onto Triq il-Qalb Imqaddsa and onto Triq Birkirkara. Traffic from Vjal ir-Rihan to Triq l-Imrabat will be diverted onto Triq Birkirkara, onto Triq Tas-Sliema direction to Kappara roundabout and onto Triq Tas-Sliema Gżira towards Triq D’Argens.

We apologise for any inconvenience.  Motorists are advised to proceed with caution.

Kappara prep work in St. Julian\’s


Maintenance work in Triq Baltiku St. Julian’s

Maintenace work will be carried out in Triq Baltiku St. Julian’s tonight and tomorrow night between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs. Works are related to the Kappara Project.

During works, traffic from San Ġwann to St. Julian’s will be diverted onto Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli and onto Manwel Dimech bridge. Traffic from Spinola St. Julian’s to Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli will be diverted onto other alternative routes whilst traffic from Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli to Spinola St. Julian’s will not be affected.

This traffic arrangement applies for public transport.

Tallinja App


Transport Malta welcomes the introduction of the tallinja app.

 Malta Public Transport launched the tallinja app today.  The mobile app is another important step in getting the right information at the right time to bus users.  Information provided by the app will help commuters plan their journey better.  Transport Malta appreciates that Malta Public Transport is addressing the issues faced by bus commuters.


Transport Malta strongly encourages similar initiatives and further improvement of public transport.  The authority will keep monitoring the service, listen to commuters’ criticism and suggest developments.

Get the app on Itunes

Get the app on Google Play Store.

Tunnel maintenance continues on other side


Works on the tunnel of Triq M. A. Vassalli

Repairing and maintenance works in the tunnel of Triq M. A. Vassalli will continue tonight and tomorrow night between 21:00hrs and 05:00hrs, southbound. 

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 As much as possible, vehicles will proceed on one lane, however for safety reasons there will be periods when the tunnel will have to be closed completely.

 Drivers are therefore encouraged to seek alternative routes and to drive carefully at all times.

Works in Valley Road Msida


Maintenance work in Triq il-Wied L-Imsida

Maintenance works in Triq il-Wied L-imsida will be carried out tonight between 20:00hrs and 05:30hrs.

Traffic towards L-Imsida will be diverted onto Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli.  Traffic from Birkirkara to L-Imsida will proceed from the slip way and onto Triq Reġjonali.

 Drivers are therefore encouraged to seek alternative routes and reminded to drive carefully at all times but especially when driving through works sites.

Kappara alternative routes in Iklin


Resurfacing Works will continue in Iklin

Resurfacing works in Triq Erin Serracino Inglott and Triq l-Għargħar Iklin will continue tonight and tomorrow between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs. Works are related to the Kappara Project.

During works, the road linking Triq Dun Karm (B’Kara Bypass) to Triq tal-Balal Naxxar will be closed to vehicular traffic.

We apologise for any inconvenience and remind all drivers to follow road signage and instructions by officials on site.

Resurfacing the alternative routes

The first traffic disruptions of the Kappara project will happen after mid May. Transport Malta has prepared a series of alternative routes for commuters.  In the video above, workers are resurfacing Triq ix-Xatt ta\’ Xbiex.  Works on the alternative routes are mostly carried out at night to cause less disruption.

Transport Malta is resurfacing the following roads for the alternative routes.

  • Triq L-Istefanotis and Triq Caruana Dingli, San Ġwann
  • Triq Reggie Miller, Gżira
  • Triq Briffa & Triq il-Plejju, San Ġwann
  • Triq il-Pellikan, San Ġwann / Swieqi
  • p/o Triq Birkirkara San Ġwann / San Ġiljan
  • p/o Vjal ir-Rihan, p/o Triq in-Naxxar, San Ġwann
  • p/o Triq Bellavista and I/ E San Gwann
  • Telgħet Birkirkara / Telghet San Ġiljan, San Ġiljan
  • p/o Triq il-Baltiku San Ġiljan / San Ġwann
  • Triq Testaferrata, Gżira
  • p/o Triq ta’ L-Ibraġġ, p/o Triq tal-Balal, p/o Triq MA Vassalli San Gwann / Ibraġġ / Msida
  • Triq L-Imsida, Gżira
  • Triq Ħal Għagħur & Triq Serracino Inglott Iklin


Extending trees\’ life


A number of carob trees have adorned the lower part of Kappara Valley for years.  It was hard for anyone to see them. The shadowed land next to the bridge was their home. They were covered in foliage and prickly pears.   That had to change.

A few metres across the bridge, further up, we find Wied Għollieqa (Bramble Valley).  Other carob trees live there in good company.  There are a number of endemic trees, brambles and plants.

The Kappara Project started.  The road next to the bridge will be widened. The horticulturalist guided workers on where the heavy machinery needed to dig up.  How deep they were to dig and how far.  One tree after the other were uprooted from the soil that accompanied them for all these years.

Wied Għollieqa, further up the valley, is a protected area.  It is a refuge for University students, a stone\’s throw away from the faculties that lie lowest in the valley.  Louise, from Nature Trust has her office a few metres away from Wied Għollieqa.  The office lies within car park 1 of the University of Malta.  Like every car park at University, it is inundated with cars every morning.  She leaves her office and walks into Wied Għollieqa, going through small country paths surrounded by trees, rubble walls and plants.  Louise goes down a small descent into a clearance as a heavy digger reaches the site.

The carob trees of Kappara Valley are loaded on trucks.  They embark on their longest trip as fully grown trees.  The trucks reach the site in Wied Għollieqa, a few hundred metres away from where the trees spent the rest of their lives.  The digger under Louise and the horticulturalist\’s instructions had already dug up a number of holes.

The trees are planted one by one.  Further up the hill, the trees can see were they lay before.  Louise and Nature Trust volunteers will care for them.