Car pooling and Car sharing



Transport Malta commends the University Students’ Council’s initiative to provide a car park for car poolers.  Transport Malta encourages more firms and entities to implement such initiatives.


The authority, for the past months, has been supporting the initiative Bum a Lift.  The initiative is gradually introducing the culture of car pooling among parents who drive their kids to school.  Bum a lift is operating in five private schools and will be extended to more schools in the coming months.  Apart from schools, Bum a lift will be used by a number of firms.  Transport Malta will also be using the initiative to promote car pooling among its employees.


Transport Malta authored a document which is being discussed internally.  The document proposes a number of incentives for car poolers and introduces a new concept for our country, Car Sharing.  An operator will provide a fleet of vehicles for the public.  A person will be able to book a short trip from a reserved parking space to another through a mobile app or computer.  The more people use the same parked car, the more parking spaces available and the less traffic caused by cars looking for parking in urban centres.  


In the coming months, Transport Malta together with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure will launch a number of projects and initiatives to promote alternative modes of transport.