Helping our farmers

Rural Roads Project

Transport Malta improved 73 rural roads in 29 localities to help a multitude of farmers.

The project increased and improved accessibility of agricultural holdings for farmers.  Transport Malta  upgraded existing farm access roads and passageways.  Better access means development of agriculture, better management of farm utilisation and efficiency.

Transport Malta improved 36,850m of road with a total of 2,8451 square metres of  asphalt, 3,760 cubic metres of concrete and  37,586 square metres of reinforcement mesh. 

Each road has a Type 1 subbase levelling to achieve a surface of even thickness. Mechanical excavators cleaned up the area before the works started.  Planar excavators reduced the levels while spreaders and compactors finished off the job. All material was tested throughout the whole process.


Transport Malta included Water Services Corporation SC works by laying mains beneath the roads being surfaced, following extensive planning with the corporation. Water Services engaged officers specifically on the project.  The corporation invested and extra €700,000 on these works.



Scheme extended

Scheme to regularise garaged cars is extended following overwhelming response

Transport Malta is extending the scheme launched in July, to regularise vehicles which are declared as garaged but have been scrapped or disposed of without informing Transport Malta. The scheme applied until the end of February but it is now extended until the end of June 2016.

The scheme proved highly successful.  In January, 2,519 vehicles were scrapped compared to 349 vehicles scrapped during the same month last year.  Until today, 2,776 vehicles were scrapped in February compared to just 329 in February last year.

Since 1st November 2013, scrapping or de-registering a vehicle is only permitted if the owner presents a certificate of destruction issued by an authorised facility. The certificate confirms that the vehicle was transferred in accordance with the Waste Management (End-of Life Vehicles) Regulations.

Vehicles which are declared as garaged but which have been disposed of prior to the 1st November 2013 without giving notice to the Authority, may be de-registered with the Authority upon presentation of a sworn affidavit by not later than the end of June 2016. If a vehicle has been unofficially disposed of after the 1st November 2013, a fee of €100 will be paid to the Authority. Such concession will be available until the end of June 2016.

A fee of €500 shall be paid to the Authority for de-registration of any vehicle which is not disposed of at an authorised facility after the 1st July 2016.

For further information one may contact Transport Malta by calling on 8007 2393. Alternatively, one may visit us at the Vehicle Licensing Unit in Hornworks Ditch, Floriana, Hall B from Monday to Friday between 07:30hrs and 12:00hrs.

Love on the road


On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love, the Malta Road Safety Council continues its campaign towards road safety by conveying the following message to all road users.

As a council we urge everyone to show respect on our roads, sharing this love by being courteous and considerate to other road users, be they drivers, bikers, passengers or pedestrians.


Respect should continue beyond this day and every day, we should all do our part when using the roads.

Showing respect entails driving carefully and attentively, caring about our children, having them properly seated with their seats belts on, giving mobiles a break, observing road regulations and paying attention when crossing the roads.

 Show respect on our roads. #loveroad



This is a joint initiative of the Malta Road Safety Council and Transport Malta.

Works in Paceville


Works in Triq Santu Wistin Paceville

Transport Malta and a private entity will be carrying out work in Triq Santu Wistin Paceville between Monday 15th February and Friday 19th February.

Access to the centre of Paceville will be from Triq Elija Zammit or Triq Sant’Andrija.  Traffic from Pembroke via  St. George’s Bay will be diverted onto Triq Dragonara.  Access to car park at the Intercontinental Hotel will be available.

Getting ready for Kappara


Next phase of preparatory works in Triq Birkirkara related to Kappara Junction Project

Preparatory works in Triq Birkirkara, related to the Kappara Junction project will continue next week.   

Triq Birkirkara San Ġwann will be completely closed to vehicular traffic between Monday 15 and Saturday 27th February 2016 due to scarifying and asphalting works.

Public transport:

Route 120 from St. Julian’s to Mater Dei Hospital and return, will be diverted onto Triq R. Caruana Dingli to Triq Bellavista.  Route 110 will provide service between San Ġwann centre and Mater Dei Hospital.

Motorists are advised to follow diversion signs and instructions given by the officers on site.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Malta flag registers an increase of over 14%


Strong Positive Results in Ship Registration

Transport Malta, the Authority responsible for the Malta Ship Register, through its Merchant Shipping Directorate, reports a strong and positive performance for 2015.

As at end of the year, the Maltese Register of Shipping registered an increase of almost 8.3 million gross tonnage representing a growth rate of 14.3% over the previous year.  As at end of December 2015, the registered gross tonnage under the Merchant Shipping Act was 66.2 million gross tons. These statistics represent record figures for the Malta Flag and a significant achievement for the Malta Flag Administration, since over 900 ships for a total gross tonnage of over 12 million tons were registered during the year. These results continued to consolidate Malta’s position as the leading Ship Register in Europe and the 6th largest in the world. This success is mainly attributed to the continued effort of Transport Malta and the Maltese shipping community to attract serious companies to the Maltese Register.

Malta has also continued to consolidate its positive results in terms of its technical performance, thus reinforcing the quality of its registered fleet and its firm commitment towards safe, secure and clean shipping. This is also a result of the drive by the Maltese shipping community to attract more young and innovative tonnage to the fleet. The average age of merchant ships registered under the Merchant Shipping Act during 2015, was of 6.7 years, thus decreasing the average age of all the registered merchant fleet to 12 years.

Mr James Piscopo, Chairman and CEO of Transport Malta commented “this status was achieved thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders including shipowners, seafarers and the efforts and commitment of the personnel of the Merchant Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta. Such achievement is testimony that commitment to quality pays and that the Malta Flag Administration has managed to concurrently increase both its growth rate and enhance the technical performance of its registered fleet. I take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders for their contribution and confidence shown in Transport Malta.”

Today, the Malta Register has also become a world leader in super yachts registration where Malta has also registered positive results. Despite the current financial situation worlwide, the Malta flag registered an increase of 10.8% over the previous year, in the registration of superyachts of over 24 metres in length. As of the end of December 2015, the superyacht fleet flying the Maltese flag worldwide was 501 yachts.

Mr Piscopo concluded: “these positive results encourage us to work harder to ensure that Maritime Malta continues to benefit from the associated positioning within these international sectors, both from the substantial direct foreign revenue and the indirect added value to its economy. These results also represent yet another milestone towards further consolidating Malta as an international centre of maritime excellence in the Mediterranean and a solid contribution towards the creation of quality jobs in Malta.”

Improving the new routes


Improvements on new routes

Earlier on, the Gozitan University Group complained that route X1 has been lengthened to go through Mellieħa.  GUG correctly stated that Mater Dei and University have been reintroduced in the same route. The GUG’s statement however failed to mention that, as stated in a press release on Friday, Route X1 of 06:45 will no longer go trough Mellieħa, following suggestions of the same students. 

The changes announced last Friday and which will be implemented in the coming weeks:

  • Very few passengers boarded at St. Luke’s hospital on Mater Dei routes.  The routes were thus unnecessarily lengthened.  The buses will no longer stop at St. Luke’s hospital.  Mater Dei Routes will be around 15 minutes faster. Instead Route 122 between Valletta and St. Luke’s hospital will have its frequency increased.
  • Route X1 of 06:45 will no longer go through Mellieħa centre to reduce the time it takes to reach Mater Dei hospital and University from Ċirkewwa. 
  • Transport Malta and the Mater Dei administration identified a different location for parked buses at the University interchange.  The current congestion that results in particular times will thus be reduced.
  • Mater Dei routes, route X1 and X2 will serve Mater Dei hospital and University. Passengers will no longer need to change buses at the University interchange.

Public Transport – new improvements


Constructive meeting on Public Transport with Local Councils

The minister for Transport and Infrastructure together with Transport Malta’s Chairman, called for a meeting with all mayors to discuss public transport.  Most Local Councils were present and a constructive discussion ensued.

A representative of the operator and officials from Transport Malta were present for the meeting.  Most complaints received revolved around the punctuality of the service rather than the routes themselves.  The operator will be looking into the matter and taking steps to resolve the issues.

A number of changes in Mater Dei will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.

Very few passengers boarded at St. Luke’s hospital on Mater Dei routes.  The routes were thus unnecessarily lengthened.  The buses will no longer stop at St. Luke’s hospital.  Mater Dei Routes will be around 15 minutes faster. Instead Route 122 between Valletta and St. Luke’s hospital will have its frequency increased.

Route X1 of 06:45 will no longer go through Mellieħa centre to reduce the time it takes to reach Mater Dei hospital and University from Ċirkewwa. This follows suggestions by Gozitan students.

Transport Malta and the Mater Dei administration identified a different location for parked buses at the University interchange.  The current congestion that results in particular times will thus be reduced.

Mater Dei routes, route X1 and X2 will serve Mater Dei hospital and University.  Passengers will no longer need to change buses at the University interchange.

T\’Alla u Ommu road is open


T’Alla u Ommu road is now open for vehicles

Transport Malta would like to advise that T’Alla u Ommu Hill is now open to traffic.

Drivers are advised to drive with caution as there are still ongoing works and investigations on the road between T’Alla u Ommu Hill and Triq is-Salini. Substantial works to the storm water system within this road has been carried out.

Given the extensive damage encountered, it is not excluded that Transport Malta will have to carry out further works based on tests, over the coming months.

Record year for aviation registry

\"Sukhoi\"Transport Malta’s Aviation Registry has continued to achieve a steady growth with a record of 61 aircraft registered in 2015.  The same year also saw a total of 6 new operators being certified as well as a substantial increase in the number of pilot and engineer licences issued.

With a register totalling 213 aircraft and 28 operators, the Maltese aviation registry is establishing itself.  More significantly, the register includes a large number of commercial aircraft and business jets when compared to light aircraft.  Amongst others, the Authority has registered two Airbus A340 and a Sukhoi Superjet 100, the latter being the first ever model of its type to be registered in the European Union. 

The success of the Aviation Registry is sustained by fiscal incentives including a low corporate tax regime as well as rebate on profits.  This is complemented by specialised technical personnel who are readily available, flexible and accessible.   All this has been made possible through various measures undertaken over the last year aimed at improving the level of service offered by the Civil Aviation Directorate, which included heavy investment in human resources and the relocation to newer and better-equipped premises in Luqa.  Such initiatives ensure that this Directorate has the necessary expertise and resources to ensure the highest possible service and standards so essential to the industry.