Certification of a new airline by Transport Malta

Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden front man at Transport Malta.

Cardiff Aviation Chairman Bruce Dickinson has met with Transport Malta to confirm final certification details for a new ACMI airline.

Following an announcement at the Paris Air Show of plans to establish the airline, which will be called VVB, Dickinson has met with Capt. M O\’Brien and Eng Carl Tabone of Transport Malta to sign the details for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which permits the new venture to operate an EASA-class airline.


Dickinson says: “Transport Malta has played a crucial role in enabling VVB to take off in fixed-wing operations. With AOC details now confirmed and our first aircraft about to be deployed, Cardiff Aviation is now moving from maintenance and training to full aviation operations.”


He adds: “The authorities in Malta have been world-class and eager to support our entrepreneurial approach to aviation. We look forward to a successful start to our operations and thank them for their support and their confidence in our new airline.”


Upgrades in Blata l-Bajda.


Works in Triq Nazzjonali and Triq l-Indipendenza Blata l-Bajda

Transport Malta will be upgrading parts of  Triq Nazzjonali and Triq l-Indipendenza, Blata l-Bajda as from 7 July 2015.  Works are scheduled to be completed by the 7 August 2015.

Civil works along the footpath will be carried out throughout the day, while asphalting works will be carried out during the night.     

No traffic diversions are expected.  Drivers are advised to proceed with caution.  

Any inconvenience is regretted.

The Tempest in Floriana


‘The Tempest’ partly filmed in Triq Sant’Anna Floriana

Triq Sant’Anna in Floriana will be closed to vehicular traffic between Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th July 2015, due to filming of ‘The Tempest’, as follows:

Friday 3rd July between 19:30hrs and 02:00hrs

Saturday 4th July between 13:30hrs and 02:00hrs

Sunday 5th July between 10:00hrs and 02:00hrs

All vehicular traffic coming from Ħamrun or Marsa, including public transport, will be diverted onto Triq Sarria. Public transport proceeding from Valletta bus terminus will be diverted onto Triq il-Kapuċċini, Triq Nazzjonali and follow the normal route.

Motorists are advised to proceed with caution. Any inconvenience is regretted.

Feast of Sacro Cuor Sliema


Friday 3rd July

Triq D’Argens and Triq l-Imrabat will be closed for traffic from 21:00hrs. Triq Rudolph and Triq Manwel Dimech will be closed for traffic from 20:00hrs. All vehicular traffic including public transport will be diverted onto Triq ix-Xatt to Triq it-Torri.

Saturday 4th July

Triq ix-Xatt to Sliema Ferries will be closed to traffic between 21:00hrs and 24:00hrs. Motorists are advised to avoid this area and proceed through alternative routes.

Public Transport coming from Valletta will be diverted onto Triq D’Argens. Public Transport coming from St. Julian’s will be diverted onto Triq Mikelanġ Borg to Triq Reġjonali. Transport from Tas-Sliema to St. Julian’s and return will be available on bus route 222.

Significant improvement for tallinja card.

UPDATE : Launch of new Tallinja Bus Card system


Transport Malta Notes Significant Improvement

Transport Malta continues to closely monitor yesterday’s launch of the new Tallinja Card system and notes significant improvement. Following meetings held yesterday between Minister Joe Mizzi, Transport Malta Chairman, James Piscopo and the Malta Public Transport’s management team, the operator has taken positive steps towards rectifying yesterday’s operational issues that some commuters faced, particularly in Valletta.

In fact, today, Transport Malta noted that waiting times for customer service at the information points at various termini and particularly at Valletta, were significantly lower than those experienced yesterday. This was primarily due to the operator’s deployment of more customer care officials, better organization and improved security.

Whilst welcoming the first consignment of new buses to Malta this morning, Transport Malta is confident that the addition of 40 new buses to the existing fleet will further enhance the operator’s operational capacity and its ability to further improve the service.

Nevertheless, Transport Malta continues to be vigilant and is still monitoring the situation relentlessly. The Authority is also pursuing the operator to ensure that pending Tallinja card applications, problematic cards and new applications are processed in the shortest possible time possible.

Transport Malta vigilant and closely monitoring launch of new Tallinja Bus Card system


Transport Malta vigilant and closely monitoring launch of new Tallinja Bus Card system

Transport Malta has been closely monitoring today’s launch of the new Tallinja Card system. The Authority is aware of numerous reports on operational issues faced by commuters particularly in Valletta.

The change to a new bus card system is in itself a culture change that will bring about significant benefits to the people and the public transport operation itself. It is aimed at reducing waiting time, improve passenger boarding whilst enhancing data collection that can be used to improve the system. Transport Malta is satisfied that circa 140,000 actively responded to this significant change, and enrolled for the Tallinja Card issued by the Public Transport Operator. This contrasts significantly with the 20,000 card users under the previous system.

Transport Malta is sensitive and aware that such an overwhelming change brought about a number of challenges that need to be addressed immediately by the Operator to ensure improvement in the service. It is also aware of the huge number of late applications for Tallinja Card over the last few days. In fact, over the last 24 hours, circa 7,500 people appled for tallinja card.

The Operator has been asked to deploy more customer care officers primarily in Valletta to provide assistance in Topping Up of Tallinja cards and answer general queries. TM has also asked the Operator to speed up the processing of the new Tallinja applications to ensure these are received by respective applicants in the shortest time possible.

Transport Malta will continue to be vigilant and monitor the situation relentlessly and is confident that the desired objectives of the off-the-bus ticketing system can be achieved.

Transport Malta deplores without any reservation the incident involving the Hungarian citizen in Valletta this morning and appeals to the general public to avoid confrontation. It also appeals to the general public to use online tools available for topping up and for the application of the Tallinja card in order to avoid queuing and congestion at the points of sale, primarily in Valletta.