Pedal cycles, pedelecs or mopeds



All power assisted pedal cycles, pedelecs or mopeds are regulated by the Low-Powered Vehicles and Pedal Cycles Regulations, Subsidiary Legislation 65.26.

The table below lists the requirements needed in order to register, insure and use such vehicles on the Maltese road network:

Requirement/Use Normal


Approved Pedal

cycles and 


(under 250 watts)

Approved Pedal

cycles and 


(over 250 watts)

Registration Not  required Yes Yes
Third Party Insurance Not  required No Yes
Minimum Age None 16 16
Helmet Not required Yes Yes
Registration Fee Not applicable Free of charge €11.65
Knowledge of Highway Code inc Theory Test  Not required  Not required Yes

Transport Malta shall only register power assisted pedal cycles and pedelecs which are manufactured for the purpose of being used as a power assisted pedal cycle or pedelec.  It is illegal to fit an internal combustion motor or an auxiliary electric motor on a pedal cycle and drive it on the road. 

Power assisted pedal cycles and pedelecs cannot be ridden along a promenade, on footpaths, in pedestrian subways or through road tunnels. They must be ridden in the direction of traffic, keeping to the nearside left as much as possible and must observe all traffic regulations, signs and road markings applicable for all other vehicles.

Anyone who is already in possession and making use of a power assisted pedal cycle, which is not yet registered with Transport Malta, is to immediately contact the Authority for an appointment to inspect the pedal cycle and have it registered.  As from 1st September 2015, penalties will apply for unregistered pedal cycles.

Transport Malta recommends owners of registered  power assisted pedal cycles to check their braking systems, lights and wheels regularly.

For further information or information relating to the requirements before purchasing and/or using a Power Assisted Pedal Cycle please call on Free Phone 800 72309 or email on